john arthur ginter


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Family History

Places Lived

house on sunset lane
1755 Sunset Lane. This 3 story house was built by Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ginter in 1929-30. It was originally built on a five acre plot at the end of Sunset Lane. John grew up here.

house in detroit
13969 Mansfield, Detroit. This is my grandfather's home in Detroit. They moved into this home in January 1961

house in detroit
11321 Blackburn, Livonia, Mi. Originally on a double lot, where a badmitton net would be set up during the summer time. They moved into this home in January 1953

Scotsdale Apartments, Westland Michigan





Jobst Heinrich Guenther 1701 Schlarpe, Germany
J.Heinrich Guenther 1739 Schlarpe, Germany
Johann Heinrich C. Guenther 1774 Schlarpe, Germany
Johann Justus Guenther 1800 Schlarpe, Germany
Ernst Christian Guenther 1839 Thueringhausen Hanover, Germany
Ernest John Ginter 1881 Will County Illinois
John Arthur Ginter 1917 Chicago, Illinois